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. . . . JUNGLE SWIPE . . .

The journal of Agnes

A Happy Day


What does Maria do everyday? Read to find out.

Jane’s Happy Day


Jane's an early bird and gets up early.

By Cristina


The Little Yellow Duck

Once upon a time there was a little yellow duck who wanted some grapes. Watch and see what happens. :-)

To be continued…………….


The Two Friends


Once upon a time there was a crocodile and a bear.

By Dasha


The Boot-like Monster


A story about a monster and the changes it faces.

Liebes Tagebuch, letzten Sommer …

The funny story of Ralph the lion

One day Ralph the lion goes to the lake to drink water.There he founds the Taf the  mouse and the mouse says .Why are you so big , and the lion answer because i am a lion .Hhahaahahah….

The Secret Of the Four Dancers

By Joanna