The Lonely Dog


 Unce upon a time there was a lonely dog called Mina.Mina was lonely beacause their parents and their sisters died when she was a small dog.

One day Mina decided to go for a walk because she was bored  when she was alone. Everytime she went for a walk she felt really better.

While she was walking she saw a baby in the road ran into the cars. Mina ran too to help the baby from that traffic.It was city΄s bigger road, Mina knew it, and thats why she ran into the road.

She pull the baby from the side that she won΄t be in dangerous anymore. Mina gave the baby to her parents and her parents hugged that BRILLIANT dog!!!!!

The parents were so happy that brought Mina to their home!

So now Mina is not lonely………because she is warmhearted and the God knew it, too!!!


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