The house(chapter 1)

I remember one time while I was walking alone at the street at midnight(almost) and then I saw a weird abandoned
house.At first I thought that it was an illusion because the building wasn't there before.Then I fel somethink
strange and I thought that I should check the house from inside,but the door was blocked from the other side.
So I got in from a broken window.Every room was messed up and there was blood on the walls.After that I observed
a broken item frame(glass) with a picture of a family,but some characteristics on them were unusual.Suddenly I
heard a weird sound coming from the bathroom.I went there and tried to turn the lights on,but the switch wasn't 
working.I didn't knew what to do and I came inside when I saw a shadow (on the floor) and I understood that 
somethink was right behind me.I looked back and was jumpscared by a ghost that looked like the girl at the picture
at the living room and she was screaming to.Then I woke up!I was still on my bed.I couldn't believe it was a dream all
along!I hated nightmares so much.I didn't wanted to see another one ever again.Oh!The time I woke up was exactly
midnight!What a coinsidence.OR NOT???
                                   TO BE CONTINUED……..

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